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July 22, 2011 by Pastor Roger  
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If you’ve ever been turned off, turned down or turned away by churches, we’re here to help you get turned on to God. We figure most people aren’t really looking for a church so much as seeking for God.  If that’s you, we offer a chance for you to experience God for yourself rather than just hearing someone talk about God …

When you visit The Spirit you’ll find we’re a diverse group of people who are looking for something more than the traditional services and programs churches have offered for years.  Many people get out of the habit of going to church because it doesn’t speak to them or help them connect with God.  Maybe you’ve felt that way too. We’ve found it’s in communion with God that our lives are changed. It’s in doing life together that we find a real, authentic sense of community.

Spend some time with us at Church of the Spirit, and we’ll help get you better connected to God and to others.

Right now we’re looking at ways for people not to come to church … that’s right. We don’t want people to come to church, but to be the church. We believe that gets lived out best when people come to worship, when they come to the community of a small group, and when they help people they know come to Christ. At least that’s what we’re all about right now … Why not come along and join in the adventure? Dig deeper here

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