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Never Alone

July 22, 2011 by Pastor Roger  
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It’s one of the toughest feelings to shake. That sense that no one sees you, or know one knows you are there. It’s tough to feel like you are invisible, even in a world where the roads are crowded and there are so many people everywhere. Yes, loneliness is a tough thing to experience, especially when it is a sense of spiritual loneliness … You know that feeling … that inner sense that you may be all alone here in the universe. So often people face difficult times and wonder, “God where are you?” Or they find themselves sitting on top of the world with success and fame and then … find life is still empty without a sense that there is something more.

I mean really, if a person was fully aware of God’s presence in their life would they be sending improper pictures to people they don’t know? Would they be drinking and taking drugs? If you were simply more sure that God was with you, would you not have more hope and joy in each day, not to mention the courage to face the challenges that come along? Knowing God is with you can certainly help you keep perspective when things are all going right in your life.

We are never alone, no matter how things look. God has promised to be with us always … no matter what. Come and rediscover a sense of God’s presence this summer.

July 10 Never alone in challenging times
July 17 Never alone in your relationships
July 24 Never alone in sickness or health
July 31 Feeling alone in your anger?
Aug 07 Never alone in your success
Aug 14 Never alone in your grief
Aug 21 Never alone when you need to forgive
Aug 28 Celebrating life with God
Sep  04  Partnering up with God

Here’s some audio from the service on July 24

Opening Reflection Message

And here’s the audio from August 7

Opening Reflection Message

Making sense out of the 9-11 Tragedy

Following along with the theme of this series, here is our message from our special 9-11 Open House. On the Tenth Anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy we gathered together to give thanks for all who have served and continue to serve the common good, and for those who have died, to pray for those who still mourn, and to look for some meaning in what happened. I mean, “Where was God when the towers fell?” Inquiring minds want to know …

9-11 Message

Audio clips from our 9-11 Open House are coming shortly.

  • Opening Clip: God Bless the USA, Prayers for our C0untry
  • Clip 2: Blessing, Chaplain Ray’s Story, Amazing Grace
  • Clip 3: Reflection, Stand, Challenge, Shower the people
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