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The Life You Always Wanted

April 22, 2011 by Pastor Roger  
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In this message series we are working through John Ortberg’s book “The Life You Always Wanted.”

At the start Ortberg tells us that life is not merely a holding pattern or test for what is to come later. “The good news as Jesus preached it is not about the minimal entrance requirements for getting into Heaven when you die. It’s about the glorious redemption of your life.” This redemption is about how we live here and now, and who we are becoming. We are to be transformed, changed from who we have been into who God sees we can become. When that transformation happens, then “I just don’t do the things Jesus would have done, I find myself wanting to do them. They make sense. I don’t just go around trying to do right things. I become the right sort of person …” because I’m becoming more like Jesus.

Mar 13        “It’s morphing time”
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