Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Spirit’s Videos

OK, here are some of our previous videos. Subscribe to our youtube channel to get the latest weekly updates … share with friends and enjoy on your own. And remember we’re always commercial free …

The Older Spice Commercial

Because with God’s help, we can be like him …

Spirit’s Youth Videos

The latest from the Spirit’s Youth … Who you talkin’ ’bout?

“Like a good savior, Jesus is there …”

I don’t want to be anything other than … who God wants me to be 

Ain’t no grave, Johnny Cash

Saints and Sinner, Casting Crowns

Worship Multimedias

Here’s the latest to upload:

You Gotta Serve Somebody, Bob Dylan

So help me God, Ray Charles

None of us are free, Ray Charles

Questions for Heaven, Chris Rice

Great Day, Eddie from Ohio

There are lots more worship videos over at our youtube channel … under the name thechurchofthespirit. Get thee hence.

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