Saturday, November 25, 2017


There’s a lot of things happening at Church of the Spirit. Here under resources you can tap into a bunch of them.

We also offer a Daily Bible Study emailed to you early each morning in time for your quiet time, whenever that happens. These DBS are available on request. Copies of recent ones are available below.

You can also see what’s happening before you visit … check out the bulletins from our weekend services, the weekly newsletters, and youth news. Listen in to the band and to our services and decide if it’s something that works for you. And there are copies of the current message series available, and copies of messages from our Message Archive.

You can play along with “Stump the Pastor” … a bulletin board for questions and answers from our pastor. ‘Cause here at The Spirit we want to be a safe place for people with questions.

Dig deeper and you’ll find podcasts of our messages/services, and also some multimedias and other music videos we have used in our services. For more of these check out our youtube channel under thechurchofthespirit … Then, throughout the web site, we give you many other resources to help you understand about the Sacraments of Communion and Baptism, or request help setting up a wedding or ask for prayers from our Prayer Chain.  Take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory, or find out how you believe with our Faith Languages Survey. They are all just part of the services we provide for you here at The Spirit.

Recent Bulletins For our weekly Sunday Services

The Access is our Parish Newsletter which gets emailed out each week. We also have occasional newsletters for the Women’s Ministry and our Teen Groups.

Daily Bible Studies are emailed out each day. If you would like to receive the current editions, please send us a request to You can also check out some samples here.

State of the Church/ Mission of the Church 2008-2009

We’re on a mission, a mission from God

Here is our state of the church message from November 2, 2008, otherwise known as All Saints Sunday. On this day we gathered to look at our calling to become saints, not just as individuals, but together as a community. The message from our Senior Pastor reminded us of the mission for which the church was started, and for which it lives. As he said, “We’re on a mission … a mission from God.” And we’d like to have you come along too. God’s mission, after all, is for all.

Click here to watch Pastor Henry Explains ...

On February 22, 2009, as part of our tenth anniversary year of celebration, the congregation was invited to make a recommitment to Jesus. Then on May 30-31 we celebrated our Tenth Anniversary Year. Look here for the message from this day. Tenth Anniversary videos are available upon request or at the Info Booth at Church. They include the hilarious blooper roll called “Pastor Henry explains Church of the Spirit.”

For more on The Spirit’s Core Values please go here.

A New Year’s Resolution good for the whole year, one day at a time …

“To live for Christ, no matter what, no matter where …” Make this a daily pledge.

  • I am proud to be a child of God no matter what others say.
  • I am forever grateful Jesus has forgiven me and by his death has saved me.
  • I am willing to be guided by God’s Holy Spirit in each day, for it is the Spirit which gives me life.
  • And I am not going to keep any of this to myself, but I will serve, forgive, welcome and love others in Christ’s name.
  • I will live as a Christ Follower, so help me God.
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