Saturday, November 25, 2017

Our Mission

Blooper Video. What's that mission again?

Since we began Church of the Spirit, it’s stayed the same. One big mission has guided us over the years. And it’s supposed to be easy to remember.

Yes, regardless of what some may say, we have a simple, and direct mission for everything we do.  We want to help you Find and Follow Jesus as a Fruitful Disciple and a Faithful Witness.  When you put all those together, we believe you become a Fully Devoted Follower of Christ. Want to know more? Dig deeper here …

To Find: Seeking Jesus

Finding Jesus is something you do not because he’s lost, but because you feel lost without him. It may only start as a dull ache inside or a desire to have more from life than what you can see. As one famous Christ Follower wrote centuries ago, “The soul is ever restless until it rests in God.” We invite you to seek God’s presence in your life through worship, through serving, and in the community of others in a small group. Finding Jesus in our lives has been our first step closer to God.

To Follow: Seeing Jesus

Just being a Christian is static. We challenge you to get up and go … and to become a Christ Follower instead. Once you discover that knowing Jesus for yourself makes a difference in who you are, you learn Jesus can help you be all that you can be. You can learn to follow Jesus as you grow in your faith, and learn to see where God is at work in your life. We’ve found that following Jesus allows us to live more closely to God’s plan.

Being Fruitful: Serving Jesus

Following where Jesus leads you means you can live each day as an adventure. As Fruitful Disciples you can reach out and serve others, as you serve God with the unique spiritual gifts he has given you.  Christ Followers are called to love and serve others, especially those who do not yet believe. As we do, God produces the fruit of his Spirit in our lives — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Being Faithful: Sharing Jesus

Sharing what God has done in your life with others gives them a chance to come closer to God and find hope and peace. As Faithful Witnesses we work to bring others into the life-changing relationship and the power of the Spirit we have already experienced. It’s not something optional, it’s all part of the mission for each Christ Follower.

When you put all four of these together, in layers that build on each other, you become a Fully Devoted Follower of Christ. Sound hard? Nope, it just takes focus and a desire to put God first in your life. We’ve found that after all Jesus has given for us and to us, it’s not that hard to give ourselves back to him. Try it and you’ll discover the truth of the final prayer we say each week in our worship services: “for it is in giving that we receive …”

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