Saturday, November 25, 2017

When tragedy strikes

It’s human nature I suppose. It’s the way of the world. Tragedies keep coming. Sure, life can also be filled with all kinds of joys, but it seems like the tragedies get the most headlines. And they make us wonder about the nature of life. Where is God when bad things happen? Why does he let bad things happen?

Those are good questions. Every religion and every philosophy has to deal with the dual problems of evil and suffering. Some religions make sense of it all by saying that suffering and evil are the way of the world. The world is basically evil … other religions believe that there are two forces in the world, one good, the other bad, and the two are constantly struggling. Some religions believe that the world is basically good. It’s religions like these that can have the hardest time understanding the presence of evil and suffering.

But let’s make this more specific. Recently we’ve had a terrible tragedy in Connecticut. How can you make sense out of something like that/ Here’s what we can offer. You can listen to part of the message on the Sunday following the Connecticut Tragedy here

And here is a print version of the message we sent out to the parish

Or listen in to one of our latest services here … the solo is by Larry Friedman (Praise you in the storm) and the message is about giving thanks to God, no matter what …

Stay tuned there’s more to come. Because, unfortunately, there’s always more tragedy to come. And there will be more questions too …

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