Saturday, November 25, 2017

Four Kinds of Healing

Healing is not something extra that a Church offers, like an additional kids program or a Bible study. Healing is part of God’s plan for all of creation, for all people. You can experience the healing power of God’s presence in your life too. There’s no need to hold back, when God offers you his Spirit “without measure.” We believe that God is ready to heal us in four specific areas:

Physical Healing

Our prayers will focus on the specific physical illnesses or conditions that you may have. You do not need to have a life-threatening disease to ask for prayer. The Prayer Team members will pray for healing to take place in God’s time and by his will. Sometimes that healing may be experienced immediately; other times it may take a while. In some cases, God will give you the patience to wait for the healing which may come through medicine or surgery.

Inner Healing

We can help you experience God’s power to heal your old hurts. Each of us has these wounds, but that does not mean we need to carry them with us for ever. God wants to set us free from the memory of these wounds. God is in control of your future, so there’s no reason to let your past keep you captive! Our Prayer Team ministers will pray with you, to help you close the door on what is past, and live in the freedom of what God has planned for you.


We can help you pray to receive forgiveness from God. God wants you to live free from the shame or guilt you have carried for too long. We can also pray with you to help you forgive those who have hurt you in the past, and so set you free from the anger you may have against others that keeps you from experiencing God’s presence more fully. Remember, often our physical illnesses are compounded by stress, anger, and an unforgiving spirit.


God has the power to set you free from addictions or habitual patterns of behavior that are destructive. Evil is a real power present in our world. It most often exerts control over us by seducing us and leading us away from honoring God in all that we do. Still, its power over you can be broken. Our Prayer Team ministers will treat your concerns in confidence and help you access the power you need to win. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

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