Saturday, November 25, 2017

FAQ’s About Healing

 If God doesn’t heal me, does that mean I’ve been bad?
Some people worry that when they don’t receive answers to their prayers, it’s because they are sinful. If that were the case, God would never answer a single prayer. While it’s true that sometimes our prayers are not answered, God answers our prayers not based on how perfect we are but on whether our requests fit in with his perfect plans.

 Does God always heal immediately?
The difference between prayer and magic is that prayer depends on our relationship with God. When we pray for healing, God may heal us immediately or through a process that takes more prayer and patience. The Bible tells us that on one occasion even Jesus needed two tries to heal a man of his blindness.

 Does it matter which prayer team prays with me?
You may feel more comfortable asking for prayers from people you know better. Or you may want to share your concerns with people you don’t know at all. Since God is the one who brings healing, the decision about who to pray with does not matter as much. Our prayer teams have been carefully chosen and commissioned on behalf of the church. We have confidence in their ability to help you experience God’s healing spirit. Each prayer team keeps your concerns confidential, so you should not assume other teams are aware of your needs.

 Is there any financial cost for prayer?
No. God’s grace is given freely to all who seek it. Our prayer teams are glad to serve you because of all that God has done in their lives. Times may be limited to those who are part of our community or known to our Prayer Temas and pastors.

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