Saturday, November 25, 2017

New to The Spirit?

In some churches you have to behave a certain way before you are allowed to belong. In other churches you have to say you believe something specific to join. Here we invite you to belong to our community first, to join in our services and groups. As time goes on you will experience how God is changing your life, in what you believe and in how you behave.

It all starts with joining in and finding where you belong … You can proceed at your own pace through the steps listed below, moving ahead when it makes sense to you. Some of you may be returning to a church after years of being away. ┬áIt’s the start of a spiritual journey for you. Or perhaps you have been attending another church. You may be in the middle of your journey. So feel free to connect in whatever way will nourish you best.

You don’t have to worry about fitting into our Church plan so long as you’re focused on fitting into God’s plans for your life. We’re simply here to help you on your journey closer to God.

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