Saturday, November 25, 2017

About Communion

Do this in remembrance of me …

We share in Communion each week at our 9:00 service and a couple of times a month at our 11:00 Community Service. The bread and wine of communion are a big deal for us. In fact Communion is the central part of our worship experience — not the message, not the music. That’s something that makes Church of the Spirit different from a lot of other Community Churches. We’ve got the band and the multimedias, we offer relevent messages that you can apply to your week ahead. But we also do more than talk about God. We come together in worship to experience God for ourselves in a very real, tangible way.

What happens with the bread and wine? ‘Tis a great holy mystery to be sure …

We believe (as Christians have believed for centuries) that Jesus is truly present with us when we share in the bread and wine of communion. Not just any bread and wine, not chips and soda, not a meal over at Silver Diner … just the bread and wine from our worship experience. This is a theological idea called “The Real Presence.” It means that we treat the bread and wine differently once we have “consecrated” it (that is asked God to bless it). Left over bread is not used for snack time or used to make croutons or put back in the frig. We do not believe that the bread scientfically changes DNA structures and morphs into Christ’s body. But we do believe something’s different about the bread (and wine) once it has been consecrated, so we treat it with respect.

How do you receive communion at The Spirit?

Some people receive the bread in their hands and then drink the wine from the cup. Others receive the bread in their hands and dip the bread into the wine of the cup. Others want to have the bread placed on their tongue, and some people don’t want to have any of the wine. That’s OK. How you take communion is a whole lot less important than how you receive Christ into your life. He’s there, ready to meet you in this sacrament. Are you ready to meet him there? Are you ready to be in union with Christ?

Communion. Union with Christ, the risen Lord Jesus. That’s a life-changing experience. Sure beats just doing a ritual or remembering something that happened long ago. Join us for a Communion Service someday soon and reach out and touch the divine made real.

For more info download our brochure about communion. If you can’t find the answers you need here, please feel free to email your questions to us as well. At Church of the Spirit we’re truly focused on helping people enter communion with God, and community with one another.

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