Saturday, November 25, 2017

About Ordination

Ordination is the process by which a person becomes a priest in the Anglican Church. The process begins when a person presents themselves to the local priest to discuss whether or not they feel called by God to the sacramental ministry of the Church. We believe that all lay people are called to be ministers, and to share in the work of God in the church and in the wider community. The sacramental ministry of a priest is a separate form of ministry which includes teaching and preaching, pastoral care of others, and officiating at the sacraments (like Communion, Baptism, Weddings, etc).

Once a person has met with the parish priest, the path to ordination continues with a committee of people in the local parish who meet with the candidate to help the Church community discern the sense of calling that is present. This process takes months to a year, and is only the start of a process that includes meeting with others outside the parish, in the Diocese and beyond. Candidates for Ordination are required to undergo psychological and physical examinations as well. If accepted as a Candidate for Ordination, there is a three year tour of duty in a seminary for graduate level training (a college degree is required before starting seminary and working on your masters).

In addition to this process, the Candidate will be asked to pray about whether they will be able to be a “wholesome example of Christ” to the Church and the world, whether they will be able to live up to the example of Christ, and dedicate their lives to following him.

For more information on this process, please speak with Pastor Roger at

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