Saturday, November 25, 2017

What’s Your Faith Language?

Because it’s not just about what you believe, but how.

Church of the Spirit is committed to speaking clearly about the age-old truths of God for people living in a very modern world. While we change the way we worship, we do not change who we worship or what we teach about God. Still, we realize we need to continually change how we speak about faith so we can help more people hear the Good News of Jesus.

Here’s the challenge: We would not be successful no matter how clearly we spoke about God if we did not speak in a language you understood. To do that we need to be better at understanding what language you speak, that is, in what ways in which you best understand your faith. We know some people prefer one way of learning about God more than others; some folk want discussions, some want fill in the blank notes to go along with the messages, while others want open-ended questions, some want to look up Bible passages, while others want to know how the Bible’s teachings fit in with what other cultures believe. We are not all the same, and neither is how we approach faith. Or how we approach God.

At The Spirit we want to better serve your needs, but to do so we’d like your help in telling us about the language of faith your are currently “speaking.” Over time you may look at your faith differently, and you may want to use a different language. That’s OK. Today we want to know what’s most important to you as you seek to know God in your life.

  • There are no right or wrong answers, no good or bad answers
  • You may answer the questions one way today and another way next year because our faith languages change over time
  • This questionnaire does not talk about what doctrines you believe so much as how you think and talk and learn about God

Remember, our purpose is to help you clarify how you believe. Knowing that will help us to better adapt how we are teaching to fit your learning style (or faith language). We are not trying to move you to a different language, or get everyone at The Spirit to speak the exact same way about their faith. We simply want to do a better job of helping you grow in your faith. That’s why we’re here. Thank you for taking part in this process with us.

Instructions for the Faith Language Survey

Go with your first impressions. It’s not like you are being tested or there are any prizes. Just read through the statements and pick one that sounds close to how you see things. Perhaps none of the statements will be right for you. Maybe you’ll want to answer in two ways. That’s OK. Just go with your gut reaction and pick one of the two …

When you’re done circling the letters next to the statements you think describe you, please transfer the results to the back page to help us tabulate the answers. Thanks!

So, get your Faith Language Survey here. Then give us your results to the 20 questions at Church the next time you come by or send us your results at We’ll give you both a follow up book with information on the challenges and strengths of each langauge and an assessment of your language. You do with it as you wish. Here at The Spirit we’ll continue to strive to speak your language, and the languages of others, so all can hear the good news.

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