Saturday, November 25, 2017

Baptism FAQ’s

Are there classes to attend before I can be baptized?

We are always ready and willing to help you learn about Jesus through one of our small groups or through the Spirit Cafe. If you want to be baptized, one of our pastors will be glad to sit with you and talk you through it, or walk you through the service ahead of time so you will know what to expect. We get very excited each time a new person is baptized. We’ll be glad to share that excitement with you (along with a towel).

Do you have to be a member of Church of the Spirit to have your child baptized here?

Baptism means more than just “getting your child done.” In Baptism your child joins the “household of God” and becomes part of our family at Church of the Spirit. Why would anyone want to join a family if they never feel it is important enough to join in the life of the family? We ask the parents of those to be baptized to make a commitment to attend our worship services and become active in other ways.

What does the service cost?

Sacraments are free. Always. They’re ways we experience God’s love, which is always free too. Please do not hand the pastor an envelope with a donation in it. If you are grateful for the services of your Church, we encourage you to make a donation to the Church to help keep our ministry going strong.

Do the Godparents have to attend?

It is certainly best for the Godparents to attend and be part of the service. We know this is not always possible. Adults who are baptized are encouraged to have sponsors too.

Are there any dress codes? Does I have to wear white?

Candidates for Baptism may wear anything they wish — or in the case of children, what their parents want. The custom of wearing white is an ancient one and reminds us of the purity of God’s love for us.

What if I’m an adult and I think I may have been baptized before, but I’m not sure.

If you’re not sure, and want to be sure you are a fully baptized Christian, we encourage you to do a little checking with your family or a church where you may have been baptized as a child. If you’re still not sure, we can help. Though Baptism is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we can offer you a Conditional Baptism service which can set your mind at rest. Please speak with one of our pastors for more info.

Do you only baptize adults or children or both?

We baptize children because in Baptism we believe God acts to choose us as his own, to adopt us as his own. If we only baptized those people who were old enough to step forward and request it for themselves, then Baptism would seem to be something we do, or we earn, or we make happen. Remember though, in Baptism it’s God who acts. We receive his grace and his Spirit. In this we follow the traditions of the Church which can be traced back to the First Century (that’s after Jesus lived but before the Bible was finally put together as a book) when babies and whole families were baptized.

The Bible also lists three occasions where whole families/households were baptized. Since the word “household” in Greek referred to children as well as adults, we believe the earliest records show clearly that children were also baptized. Of course, we also baptize adults. You’re never too old to be baptized, though it can get to be too late. Baptism is a once-in-a-lifetime thing but you want to make sure you do while you’re still alive.

Now one question for you …

Since in your Baptism, you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, why wouldn’t you want to take the plunge? What’s holding you back?

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