Saturday, November 25, 2017

What if I’m not sure?

Doubt is not the opposite of faith,
it’s what makes a faithful person look deeper and longer for God.

Ever have a sense of emptiness that comes when you feel God is far away? That’s not a sign of being a bad person. It’s the first way God works in you to whet your appetite for finding him. So if you’re not sure what you believe or why, relax. At Church of the Spirit you’re in a safe place where you can ask questions, explore your doubts, and experience God for yourself.

Look at the picture included here. Where would you place yourself in this crowd? Are you ready to dive in? Or are you already in, and enjoying the water? Perhaps you are trying to slowly slide into the water but you haven’t made it yet. Are you being invited in from the next room, or is someone blocking the door for you? Where are you in your faith today?

You can be closer to God than ever before. It’s something God wants more than anything else. So he has given us this promise (from the Bible): “If you seek me you will surely find me, says the Lord, if you seek me with all your heart.”

Don’t feel bad if you’re still seeking God. At heart, we are all seekers …

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