Saturday, November 25, 2017

Digging Deeper

Sometimes to see the big picture you need to put some of the pieces together. Here’s how we put them together to form the Christian life.

We are committed to sharing God’s Grace in relevant ways …Therefore, we will offer contemporary worship services and messages which meet the needs of our community. We will allow our methods to change while holding firm to the Biblical faith of the Church. We will help others experience Jesus and his grace.

We are committed to Spiritual Growth … Therefore, we will invite all people to join us in the faith and fellowship of Jesus Christ, especially those who are far from God. We will also use our resources to help the people who attend to continually grow in their spiritual lives. As a church we are comitted to acting in ways to increase our effectiveness in reaching new people with the Good News of Jesus.

We are committed to providing community in Small Groups … Therefore, we will offer everyone a place in a small group, which we believe provides the best environment for learning how to become a disciple. We will focus our energy on helping others catch the Spirit of God and live in the Spirit with one another. We will hold people accountable for being real, honest, faithful.

We are committed to helping people use their Spiritual Gifts … Therefore, we will help our members discover their spiritual gifts and then, set them free to use those gifts as God wants. Our paid staff will focus its energies on helping to equip our members for ministry, ¬†and then help them become fruitful disciples and faithful witnesses.

We are committed to God first, and then to his Church … Therefore, we will not become sidetracked by political discussions or issues which tear us apart or keep us from following Jesus first and foremost in our lives. We believe if we seek first to follow Jesus, God will change our hearts and our lives, and help us live more and more in accordance with his ways. By making God a priority in our lives we will also desire to make the best use of our money and our time to support his work in the world and through the local church.

To what are you committing yourself these days?

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