Saturday, November 25, 2017

Podcasts & Music

Listen in for portions of our service from  

Here’s a great clip … from our Father’s Day service, June 20. The tune is “Wrap me in your arms” recorded by Hillsongs originally, here with the House of Spirit Band. Enjoy …

Listen in to our Open House with Tommy Lepson from last September. (Some things are never out of date). It’s all about what it means to live the Good Life. No doubt whatever the good life is it will have good music. Why not start here?

Good Life Intro
Good Life Part 1 (Tommy sings “Do the right thing”)
Good Life Part 2 (Tommy sings “Simple man”)
Good Life Part 3 (Tommy is back with “So help me God”)
Good Life End (Pastor Roger finishes off the reflections)

On another recent Sunday the service focused on where you look for hope in life. Here are portions of the service.

Where’s Hope Part 1
Where’s Hope Part 2
Where’s Hope Part 3
Where’s Hope Part 4
Where’s Hope Part 5

Here are clips from this year’s Lovin’ The Good Stuff with Miss Nadine Rae, the House of Spirit Band, Pastor Roger’s reflection and Pastor Christine’s solo too. Oh and really … you don’t want to miss Al’s version of Amazing Grace!

Here are some short clips from our latest CD, Come into my Heart by Henry Fiske and the House of Spirit Band.  (All songs written by Henry Fiske and recorded at The House of Jam, Washington DC).

Come into my heart

The hope of our return

Worthy of our praise

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