Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Christian’s Tool Box

 Every year we offer you chances to learn Biblically based skills for living. So many of the problems in life come about through bad choices or bad habits. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have God’s guidelines for handling problems as they arise in your relationships, or with your money? Want some good tools for handling conflicts? Or with setting better boundaries in your relationships with family and friends? In other areas of your life you could be living with greater freedom as God’s healing power starts to transform you. You can also learn how to make a difference in the lives of others around you by discovering your gifts and learning how to share your faith effectively. God’s given us all his guidelines for better living in the teachings of the Bible. It would be odd not to use these tools.

So …We’ll help you learn how to use these tools in ways that work for you. Among the things in our tool box here at Church we have:

The Spirit Cafe

Join us Friday nights from September-May for the Cafe. It’s part chat room, part coffee house, part cafe. You’ll enjoy some food, free child care, and a chance to discuss what it means to follow Jesus in this day. All questions are welcome, and encouraged!  Fridays 7:00-8:30. Here’s more info and the latest news and schedules for the Cafe.

Connecting 101

Our introduction to Church of the Spirit, this small group helps you know more about what we believe and why we do what we do as a Church. It’s a perfect chance to meet some other new folk and get to know what it means to belong here at The Spirit.

Spiritual Gifts

We offer an annual workshop to help you discover what makes you unique. We’ll help you match up your spiritual gifts, your personality and your passions so you can find the best place to jump in and make a difference in the world. You can grab a copy of our Spiritual Gifts Survey here and after you fill it in, we’ll help you out with how you can understand and use your gifts. A follow-up booklet is available once you complete the worksheet.


Our 100 level workshop in Boundaries helps you know how to better set boundaries in your relationships, and how to maintain a healthier balance among all the expectations others have for you. This series is based on the book “Boundaries” by Cloud and Townsend.

In our 200 level workshop we go deeper into how to handle conflicts with others, how to have that hard conversation with someone else, and how to keep people from manipulating you emotionally. This series continues on from the 100 level group and makes use of other books by Cloud and Townsend as well as “Emotional Blackmail” by Susan Forward. 

5 Love Languages

Each person may express love in a different way. One person gives gifts, another gives compliments, another hugs. In this workshop you’ll learn how to identify not only the language you understand, but how to show your love to the other people in your life so they’ll feel more loved. Because in the end love is about what you give, not about what you get in return. Based on the popular series of books by Gary Chapman.

Good Sense

Take control of your household spending with a personal budget that is designed to meet your needs and also to honor God. You can do it, and we can help you. In this workshop we do not tell you what you should be spending or what you should be giving away … we help you design a program that both helps you get out of debt and helps you live in line with the teachings we have about money in the Bible.

Find the freedom of knowing you will make ends meet, and climb out of debt.  God did not die to leave you in slavery to debt, bad spending habits, bankcrupcy. He died to set you free. It’s time to learn the tools to get free and live without those fears … In order to attend there is some homework you need to do ahead of time, like finding out what your mortgage rate is and finding copies of some of last year’s bills so you can know where your money goes … Look inside for more info and worksheets you can use.

Confirming your Faith

When you’re ready to commit yourself to God with heart, mind and soul, we have a way you can get yourself ready. When you confirm your faith you take the again the promises you made (or were made for you) at your Baptism. Only now you’ve had time to work out how they apply in your daily life. This workshop prepares you for a special service known as Confirmation.

Contagious Christianity

If being faithful were contagious, would anyone catch it from you? One famous fellow said the true test of Christianity is if you have enough of it to give any to the person next to you. We’ll teach you how to share what God is doing in your life with the people you already know, in a way that fits your personality. Sharing your faith is not a one-size-fits-all process. Bt it is something friends do for friends.

First Place

Putting God in first place means other things take a back seat. Like food. Come join us and learn how to enjoy eating without making food the reason for life. As you join in Bible Study you’ll also be given good tools for meal planning, dieting, and exercise. All together putting God first will help you lose weight and live in a much healthier (and happier) way. You know what you’ve got to lose on this one. We know how God can help you with your goals.  

Yes you get to weigh in each week, but it’s done privately, and those numbers are just for your use as you celebrate that God is helping you make a difference in your lifestyle and your weight.

TIP: Get the Tools before you need them!

If you wait to pick up these tools for living until you really need them, you could be in trouble. That’s why every year we offer you opportunities to add to your tool box, or even to take refreshers in areas where you need help the most. That way you may be better able to fix things in your relationships before they become “broke.”

Remember:  There’s no shame in admitting you could use some help. It’s silly though to ignore the guidance God offers you and wander off into trouble.

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