Saturday, November 25, 2017

News for You

This portion of our web site is out of date … not because the church is out of date but because our pastor (and web maven) has retired. Church of the Spirit is currently in the midst of a search for the person God has already chosen to be our new Sr. Pastor. Until then, or until a new web master is found, we can show you some old news. It’s still good news, but just a bit out of date … even though the real Good News (that’s what the word “gospel” means) at this church is never out of date because it’s about Jesus..

They say you can’t know the players without a program. Well, you can get your program here, so you can get with the program. Each week we offer you a way to recap and work on what we did in our services on Sunday. Notes and Quotes is emailed out on Mondays each week. Our N&Q includes a short review of each of the Sunday messages (9 and 11), some of the more thought-provoking quotes from the services, Bible reminders, and even a clip or two of the solos or music we sang. There’s also some news updates to keep you connected, and links to the full weekly bulletin and message if you want to read more. Check out some of our less recent Notes and Quotes here:

We also produce a weekly mailing that helps you prepare for the worship services that coming Sunday. They include portions of the bulletin and some things to think about before you arrive at church. That way you can be prepared to get the most out of the service …

At times we also email out Special Announcements to the Parish about upcoming events or news for immediate distribution. Here are a couple of the latest versions here … We also send out Virtual Worship Services for when the weather on Sunday keeps people in, or on special holidays when folk are traveling. The next Virtual Worship Service will go out on Christmas Eve. Stay tuned …

Weekly Bulletins have similar news but also program notes for the worship services and additional information on how you can apply the themes from this week in your daily life, an extra thought from a famous author to ponder, and even some prompts for books or movies or websites you can check out to go deeper.

If you want to receive our weekly Prepare email ahead of time, please email us a subscription request at

Last but not least, recent messages from our 11:00 service are here

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