Saturday, November 25, 2017

Get Connected

Why? Because doing life on your own is harder and less fun. We all learned that at an early age. It’s just for some folk, there’s a risk in being with others. It means making a connection, maybe even a commitment. Only there’s not as big a risk in joining in and getting connected as there is in staying on your own.  … Jesus offered a reward by promising to be with us whenever we gather together in his name, even if there are only two or three of us there.

Life happens in community.

What is a small group?

Small groups are called by many different names and have a lot of different goals. Some focus on Bible study and on personal spiritual growth; others are designed for seekers who are new to faith. Some are centered on tasks or ministries within the Church or larger community. All small groups, however, share in these five basic principles:

Maintain Confidentiality. Confidences must be kept in order to foster trust and love.
Be Nonjudgmental. Members need to be accepted as they are, not as how you want them to be.
Share Honestly. Members need to build trust and reveal only as much as they feel they can.
Seek Biblical Guidance. Advice and guidance needs to come from God through his Word and Spirit (not Dr. Phil or your sister’s aunt Flo).
Meet Frequently. Meeting less often makes it hard to build community and trust.

Why do we have small groups?

Two are better than one, because if one falls, one can lift up the other. It is dangerous for one to fall alone and have no one to help. Again, if two people huddle together, they can stay warm, but how can one person warm themselves? And though you might prevail against an enemy who is alone, two will be able to withstand the other. A cord made of three strands if stronger than a single rope. — Ecclesiastes 4

Our society is becoming more transient and even faster-paced. Our tendency is to slowly drift away from others. More than ever, we need to consciously choose to live in community with one another. Being in a small group helps us find both community with others and communion with God. That’s the mission of Church of the Spirit.

But do I have to be in a small goup?

That’s like asking, “Do I have to eat my favorite food?” No, you don’t. But why wouldn’t you? Jesus promised he would be with us when we meet together in his name. That makes it worthwhile to take the time to attend a small group, don’t you think?

Jesus talked to the crowds, but at the same time he gathered together a small group of 12 with whom he invested himself more fully. He helped them to learn and grow. Jesus still wants to bring us into small groups because:

- You are able to ask questions and learn better in a small group.
- You can feel supported and help others better through small groups.
- Your life is changed by being part of a small group with others who actually care about you.
- You can see how to apply your faith and watch how God is at work in one another’s lives.

For more information about groups or finding a greater sense of community, email us at We’re here to help you get you connected … because we have found that …

Communion with God and Community with Others Changes lives.

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