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Welcome to our community! Who are we? We are Jesus followers, we are diverse in race and every kind of background, we are Episcopalians…and all of us come to this church to get in touch with the best things in life: 

•    belonging to Jesus Christ and this multifaceted, joyful faith community; 

•    believing in and gaining understanding of that aspect of this world which is beyond human control and which acts for human wholeness:  the One we call God;  and

•    through serving the world in Jesus’ name, becoming more our best selves, the people God created us to be.  

We aim to be a community of people who come together to worship God in Christ Jesus, to ask our questions about God and Christianity’s teachings and find answers; to share stories about our lives and our sense of God’s presence, to try our best to help our neighbors near and far away, and together to build an answer to the question, “How can we live faithfully as Christians in this world?”

Church of the Spirit (COTS) does not have a formal feel; it’s come as you are, whoever you are.  We are cheerful, reverent Christians.We worship accompanied by modern music and professional musicians.  Our Episcopal liturgy employs ancient as well as contemporary language.  We read the Bible and share Holy Communion every Sunday. Our preachers concentrate on making Scripture reveal truths in our lives today.  Church is meaningful, church feeds us, we love and respect each other despite our differences, and at COTS we have a lot of fun.Join us each Sunday at 10 a.m. You are welcome, whoever you are. Come and see!